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Our founding team

Rakesh Kakkar
Rebel & Storyteller

I love most art forms, the economics of survival, minimalism & study extravagance all levels. Love to trek in nature, explore yoga, meditation and all stuff related to wellness.

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Tarun R Jha

Eyes of a Cinematographer, Mind of a Director, Heart of an Adventurist & Attitude of a Youtuber. A firm believer of "Impossible Is Just A State Of Mind"

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Deepak Challu
Team Player & Coach

A differentiator passionate about curating perfect “first” moments. Believes in “Success” thru Storytelling. Avid Sportsman and Dad to a #NotOut batsman.

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Bhupesh Malik
Dreamer & Visualizer

Paranoid but precise, a lethal mix of artistry when it comes to creation and analytics when it comes to execution. Believes in God, Humanity & Sustainability.

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Firoz Salmani
Paints in Digital

Believes in doing more than what makes him happy. Life is a motion so keep moving. Dedicate to work, travel, fitness & food. challenges self and loves to challenge others!

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Our Story

So many creative people and aspiring companies are working in silos, not been able to make the most with one another. While big-brands mostly get to work with great creative minds, a lucky few are able to align with someone talented. Most companies are unable to find the right creative agency partner.

With design-production-engagement offerings as our core, we empower brand with meaningful campaigns within their budgets. We are born to be the agency for aspiring brands.


The business world is dynamic and challenging and our values keep us strong.

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Trust is our core foundational value, and it’s set on truth & transparency.  

We believe nothing can stand, move or build momentum if it’s not been set on the foundation of trust, But how do we build trust?

It starts with our people moving to our partners, our clients, government and society at large. Everything that we do is done with the utmost transparency including our transactions, our social acts and challenges we face.

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Client Delight

Beyond the proposed value proposition, we strive to bring a smile on our client’s face!

With a clear understanding, seamless fast delivery and never seen before creative packaging, we value not only the money but also the time our client invests with us.

Freedom icon

We strongly believe and support the freedom of expression, creativity and standing up and speaking your mind.

We encourage and train everyone from our employees to our partners as freedom is the essence to capture the full potential of human evolution.

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Social Good

We may be small and our contribution may look insignificant, but we are committed to being socially responsible and have put that in our company’s DNA.

We are committed towards sustainability, equality and respect for the people, and are invested in the wellbeing of marginalised society.

Heart Icon

From outside we may look like a company which is very agile and works 24x7 but from inside we give top priority to the health, wellbeing & happiness of our people, partners and all stakeholders.

We do this by adopting best practices in personal development and being empathetic in general.

Our process is simple
and fruitful

Our Clients

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