Why do you call yourself a parallel agency?

For two simple reasons - we work independently for clients in design, production & engagement solutions and also compliment any of their advertising, media, event, activations or digital agency.

What makes you so competitive?

The range and repertoire, agility, 24 hr. delivery & 3X value are some of the things that make us competitive, and we can do that on the back of our business model, which is backed with independent dispersed teams.

What is Video Vanity?

Video Vanity is our post-prod video creation solution, here we deliver fully edited videos within 24 hrs. We create videos for promos, intros, training, research, webinar or any other purpose with the footage which is provided either by the client or shot/ procured by us.

What is Celeb Studio?

Celeb Studio is an amazing service, where celebs create original content for brands in their style. Our celebs are from various walks of like film & TV, sports & social media, education & technology, travel & lifestyle, even entrepreneurship.

Why do you have independent diverse teams?

Freedom is our core creative expression, and our independently diverse team feels empowered with that. It makes them creative & agile together, it keeps them in the flow, and it helps us to align the right team to the campaign, a team that feels naturally connected to the brief we are working on.

Simply put, what’s your culture like?

A culture that promotes creative freedom and rebellion, yet is warm enough to give a sense of belonging. A culture that is informal yet respectful, a culture that’s high on integrity, respect, inclusion, work ethics & commitment. A culture, which empowers its people to be the best version of themselves; every day, every moment.

Why is culture so important for you?

Our culture gives us a certain identity and empowers us to make decisions when there is no predefined situation. Our people, clients, partners, stakeholders even shareholders may come and go but what will keep moving is our culture. As we are a company on the cloud with diverse teams, it's our culture which gives us the strength and a definite direction.

How do we know, your culture exists?

When you find our people wearing their culture on the sleeves when you see the energy in our client meetings, when you feel deep interactions with our stakeholders and when you witness path-breaking service levels. You know it exists when our stakeholders say “I belong" with a certain pride.

Who does your culture impact the most?

It’s born at our home and hence it impacts our people and our work. Our culture is infectious and as it spreads amongst our friends & families, our partners and network. Our culture uplifts our work and makes our clients feel confident in building lasting relationships as our conscious partners.

What is the biggest inspiration for your culture?

Earth’s ecosystem, ecology, environment and diversity is our core inspiration. It gives us the ideas and direction to nurture and grow amidst its evolution.

What’s your social Mantra?

“I belong” this our mantra, this is at the core of our value system, our culture and the reason why we exist, Our commitment to give back to our people, places, nature and this ecosystem because we believe “we belong to them” and we'll find our place only if we give others there's.

What inspires you, to do social good?

Everyday many people, who play an important role in our life, are not given their dues. Within our communities, many face tough times socially & financially. Look around, and you’ll find many in your internal circle, these are the ones we want to work for, work with. People who want to replace their blue-collars or people who see a bigger dream for their children!

What are the causes you support?

Education, Wellbeing and Recognition are the three things we want to work for people around us, within our communities. We want to do that in our proximity so we can reach them and make an impact directly.

Why do you want to talk about it so prominently?

To stay committed, to remind ourselves and our stakeholders all the time and to inspire our people and other early-stage startups, that it does not matter how big or small you are, you can always make a change.

Have you achieved or set any goals?

This is our first year, and for this year we are creating an online campaign that makes people aware of their rights and helps them find companies that care! By the next year, we will start working on the ground, with our local communities.

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